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poorskills's Journal

Poor Skills v.2.0
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Making it on a buck or less
Welcome to the new, improved Poor Skills!

Some basic rules:

1. No deleting comments or posts. This is a bannable offense. If you feel you're being attacked, let me know. But I can't do anything about it unless I can see the post. Own your words.

2. Keep it civil. Let's try not to resort to slurs or ad hominem attacks. That said, debate is good. Go for it!
2a. Keep the overly judgmental stuff to debate and snark communities. There's nothing wrong with the snark communities, but don't bring it here.

3. No spamming or off-topic posts. Enough said. Spam and off-topic communities will be deleted without notice.

4. Don't feed the trolls. This should also be a common sense thing.
4a. Don't act like a troll. That'll get you banned, too.

5. I'm hoping this community will eventually get large enough where tags can be useful. If it does, use them.

And, some of the old rules from poor_skills. Edited and pared down to eliminate redundant rules. Or rules I thought didn't belong in the first place.

1. DO NOT make judgements on anyone in this community. This is a hate free zone and we value and respect people from all walks of life, so do not preach to the choir here, make assumptions of someone's character, belittle people in any way....etc.

2. IF it is illegal, do not post it here...share those tips outside of Live Journal. We are not breeding criminals in this community. Any entries mentioning illegal activities will be deleted without warning. (This subject is very touchy, so some examples of illegal activities that will NOT be tolerated includes: fraud, shoplifting, murder, carjacking, street racing...etc yada yada blah.)

3. All posts concerning free iPods should NOT be posted here. free_ipods_help was shut down for a reason and I will not allow this community to be suspended. This also includes the plethora of 'free' offers advertised on the internet that require the participant to complete specific offers in order to obtain the product.

4. Please do not make posts asking how to make a quick buck from home or about online sites that pay. Also, NO referral posts! Zip zero zilch nada. This community is more focused on helping those who need consistant help, not just a fast $20 (try donating plasma, selling your belongings, do some yard work, help the elderly do grocery shopping, babysitting...etc.) Any post about work from home, a quick dollar, or online surveys/sites will be deleted.

5. Please try a two minute Google/Yahoo/whatever search before posting. Do some research on your own before posting to make your post more on topic and to the point.

Links of Interest

USDA Recipe Finder
Mapping Your Future. Good for budget information, debt repayment, and other financial planning issues.
FAFSA -- federal/student aid.
Federal student aid website.
Women, Infants and Children program. Government website.

Not reading the rules is no excuse for not following them.