Nebuchadnezzar Frankenpresley (sweetgonzotooth) wrote in poorskills,
Nebuchadnezzar Frankenpresley


$300 quote for an attempt to solve our apartment's ant problem. (seattle, fwiw.) 80% certainty they're coming in through the poorly(if at all)-sealed windowsill and tracking to the kitchen along (also unsealed) baseboard-moulding. building's maintenance company had spraying done around the exterior last week, but clearly failed/waited too long. i've confirmed that these particular specimens could not possibly give a damn about their paths being blocked/buried with iodized salt. largely resigned to spraying them with vinegar when sighted.

advice massively appreciated as usu.; extended anecdotes/reminiscences good for reciprocal babble about the other ants from my last visit to the motherland.

ETA: i forgot to mention that there are two cats here, but that mostly seems to be irrelevant.
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