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Hi! Someone recommended this community for this kind of thing, so I hope this is okay?

I'll cut to the chase, I'm getting kicked out and going to be homeless in mid-July, so I'm pretty desperate to find some sort of alternate way of living since I can't afford much else...! I was wondering if any of you all know anything about what I can do? where to look for a home, what to look for, anything. I'm open to a lot of things no matter how "out there" it is just as long as I'm not living in the streets.

I'm 22, I don't have a job (I used to sell artwork), I never had the money or stability for college, and I'm not confident in being hired any time soon (especially if I have no where to go) so Co-Op housing seems pretty attractive right now to me. From what I understand of it, in some places, labor can mostly replace having to pay for rent? Like gardening, cooking, building, etc? I can be good at these things. If this is true, I just need some place to stay while I try to save and earn as much as I can for a place to live or SOMETHING.

If anyone has any advice or alternative suggestions for someone like me, please feel free to!! Like I said, I'm pretty desperate!!

One more thing, my partner is currently living in Georgia with a toxic home life as well while I live on the west coast. We're hoping to live together (they really want to come to Oregon, but I'm open to move anywhere if it'll make it easier for them), but seeing as we're tight on money and low on confidence, we are both frightened and don't know how or what to do. If anyone can offer advice for this as well, we both would be incredibly grateful...!!!

♥ Thank you ♥
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