Rei Rei (genkireirei) wrote in poorskills,
Rei Rei

A question and a tip!

I don't know if anyone can answer this, but I hope so! I ran up a LOT of credit card debt years ago. I was unable to work (and am now on disability). The cards have all disappeared from my credit report. (Well all except one). Will this make them completely 'go away' or am I still liable for them? Does anyone know?

As for the tip: If you use cotton balls to take off makeup at night, here is a tip. I used to do this using one every day. This costs money and wastes cotton balls. I took a couple of old soft washcloths and cut them into strips and then into squares or rectangles. These are perfect. I put the clean ones in one container on my dresser and when I use it, I transfer it to a bowl on the other side. When I have a lot, I just toss them into a lingerie bag and toss them in the wash. They work great, they're reusable, and good for the environment too! :)
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