soul_inside (soul_inside) wrote in poorskills,

I would like to save some $

Two questions.
1. How does priceline work exactly? Have you used priceline, were you successful in finding what you wanted? Any tips? I am not looking for a steal, I just want to pay the lowest fare Ive seen possible (within the year even). Right now, flights are $200 above that just about!

2nd question is for the men out there and the women who love them.
2. Reusable razors?
Like of the barber shop variety.. or any variety Im not picky. The throw aways are sooo expensive. Where can you find a reusable blade? How do you learn to use it? Is it really more efficient? And, will it more likely result in nicks and cuts?

3. Isnt it lovely that in many ways saving money and saving the environment go together? Not always, but most the time!

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